AxxyrOptical  Offers a one page solution to get 80% of your daily tasks done and thus simplifies your organization’s complex operational requirements and helps you maximize efficiency, functionality, interoperability and security.

AxxyrOptical helps you with the easy, smooth and painless transition from traditional workplace to a paperless workflow.

AxxyrOptical is fully customizable and is designed to automate laborious daily tasks,eliminate risk to loss of records and to simplify repetitive daily chores.

With AxxyrOptical you can easily:

  • Schedule patients and staff,
  • Store, manage, review Prescription,
  • Manage Insurance claims,
  • Manage delinquent accounts and improve collections process,
  • Manage your Inventory,
  • Store and manage important documents,
  • Generate customized reports,
  • Gather operational statistics and business trends,
  • Reduce administrative overhead,
  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Market directly to clients.

And many more powerful features.

AxxyrOptical is the most cost effective system in the market developed in the most advanced and cutting edge technology.


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