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Axxyr specializes in the highest quality software using the latest technology, helping our clients increase productivity, lower operating costs and improve return on their investment.

Our mission is to provide the state of the software solution for the Health Care Sector.

Axxyr is designed to be the most user friendly system in the market. The cutting edge architecture of this system is developed to provide a system that is easy to learn, easy to navigate and  is virtually maintenance free.

 analysis & Installation

Analyzing the workflow of an institution is as critical as implementing the right software. To maximize the benefits of computerization and minimize the impact of the implementation process, a team of technical experts with more than 24 years of experience,Read more…


Onsite training is included in the purchase price of the application and provided to ensure that  staff understand their roles and the flow of information within the facility. Based on the recommendation of the analysts a period of onsite training  and hand-holding will follow the installation of Axxyr.Read more…


With Axxyr, every effort is made to minimize the need for support. Should the need arise, Axxyr offers different levels of support tailored to specific needs of any institution. Read more…

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